Authentic Punjabi Cuisine

Age old cooking methods in a jar

Naga Chilli Curry Sauce
Serves 4
30 Mins
Very hot

Extra Hot… For the Extra Brave


1 jar of Naga Chilli Curry Base

400g Raw Prawns

Green peppers

Chunks of fresh tomatoes

Fresh coriander

Creme fraiche (optional)

Fresh green chillies (optional)

Punjaban Pilau / Punjabi Rice

Punjaban Chapattis / Punjaban Naan Bread


Pour the Punjaban Naga Chilli Base into a pan & 1/3 jar of water.

Add the raw prawns heat gently

Add mixed fresh peppers and chunks of fresh tomatoes. (optional)

Simmer until ingredients are cooked and serve with Punjaban rice, naan or chapattis.

Garnish with fresh chopped coriander and add freshy chopped chillies for extra heat!! (Optional)

Add a little creme fraiche for a richer, creamier curry! (Optional)

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