Authentic Punjabi Cuisine

Charlie's cooking methods in a jar

Biryani Meal Deal
Serves 5-6
30 Mins

A Rich and Flavorful Layered Indian Dish!!


Punjaban butter chicken 1 jar

Oil 4 tbsp

Cinnamon stick 1 inch stick

Bay leaves 2 leaves

Cardamom pods 3 or 4 pods

Fresh chopped coriander

Onion 1 chopped roughly

Salt to taste

Fenugreek leaves 1 tsp

Punjaban Classic marinade 2 tbsp

Punjaban basmati rice 250g

Yogurt 2 tbsp

Chicken 300g


  1. Mix the marinade and yoghurt together and add the chopped chicken and leave in marinade for a few hours ideally overnight.
  2. Put the rice in some water to boil for about 10 minutes.  Do not overcook them, they only need to be half cooked.  Rinse in a colander and leave aside.
  3. In a heavy nonstick pan add 1 tbsp of oil fry the marinated chicken till the outsides are sealed (roughly for about 10 to 15 minutes)
  4. In another deep set pan, add 2 tbsp oil and heat cinnamon stick, cardamom pod and bay leaves. Fry for about a minute, add the chopped onion and half a jar of butter chicken, fenugreek leaves and fresh coriander. Fry for about three minutes. Add the marinated chicken and cook for another minute or 2.
  5. Add the rice and 450g (in weight) water and stir gently.  Bring to the boil and lower the heat to a simmer. Half cover the pot and simmer very gently for about 25 minutes if there is still water remove the lid completely and allow the rice to absorb all the water. Half way through with a spatula lift the bottom of the rice.  Cover the rice at the end with the lid and leave to steam gently.
  6. Serve with some natural yoghurt


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